The price of Millionaire Secrets Revealed by James Malinchak

James Malinchak's Millionaire Secrets Revealed

James Malinchak's Millionaire Secrets Revealed

So I am in a dilema here! I just watched the sales page video by James Malinchak for Millioniare Secrets Revealed. I am a little in awe over the price! For the complete package, phone training, 15 minute phone call with James himself as well as the 2 tickets to his 4 day event….get this…he is charging only $997 one off! Or there is a $397 three month pay option as well.

So the dilema is this. I have been promoting this even for a while now and wanted to provide a kick-ass bonus to go with the program and compliment it. I was thinking of a nice balance between the commission I would receive and the gifts I wanted to pass to you for investing in the system and me! This way you would feel you got some of your money back in the form of tangilble items (I am actually going to be sending some physical products to you, not just PLR junk!) and at the same time I would be able to use part of my cut towards making improvements in my websites etc.

I have over estimated the cost of the course and was pretty sure he was going for a $1997 price point and you would be getting over $500 in REAL bonuses that you can touch and hold for the most part! So I contemplated taking some of them out to maintain the balance between the commission and bonus, but decided against that in order to maintain my integrity. Yes, I will be losing on my end, but the ideas and opportunity to learn from James (as well as the others here) is what I really want you to be able to do.

The fact that he has a 30 day return policy as well as a 12 month guarantee is unheard of. You of course have to meet a few requirements to meet the 12 month guarantee which you can get all the details here at the sales page yoruself!

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They even have more bonuses that have not been mentioned until today that are available!

As a reminder about my Bonuses, here is a qiuck recap (get the full details through the link above)

1) Marshall Sylver Package

2) $100 gift card or donation to the charity of your choice in your name

3) 1 year GVO Conference subscription

4) Why We Want You to be Rich, by Donal Trump and Robert Kiyosaki

5) Speedy Profit Creator DVD

So do not waste as the bonuses will not be around forever, nor will Millionaire Secrets Revealed!

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