The price of Millionaire Secrets Revealed by James Malinchak

James Malinchak's Millionaire Secrets Revealed

James Malinchak's Millionaire Secrets Revealed

So I am in a dilema here! I just watched the sales page video by James Malinchak for Millioniare Secrets Revealed. I am a little in awe over the price! For the complete package, phone training, 15 minute phone call with James himself as well as the 2 tickets to his 4 day event….get this…he is charging only $997 one off! Or there is a $397 three month pay option as well.

So the dilema is this. I have been promoting this even for a while now and wanted to provide a kick-ass bonus to go with the program and compliment it. I was thinking of a nice balance between the commission I would receive and the gifts I wanted to pass to you for investing in the system and me! This way you would feel you got some of your money back in the form of tangilble items (I am actually going to be sending some physical products to you, not just PLR junk!) and at the same time I would be able to use part of my cut towards making improvements in my websites etc.

I have over estimated the cost of the course and was pretty sure he was going for a $1997 price point and you would be getting over $500 in REAL bonuses that you can touch and hold for the most part! So I contemplated taking some of them out to maintain the balance between the commission and bonus, but decided against that in order to maintain my integrity. Yes, I will be losing on my end, but the ideas and opportunity to learn from James (as well as the others here) is what I really want you to be able to do.

The fact that he has a 30 day return policy as well as a 12 month guarantee is unheard of. You of course have to meet a few requirements to meet the 12 month guarantee which you can get all the details here at the sales page yoruself!

Click Here ==>See What Millionaire Secrets Revealed is all about!<==Click Here

They even have more bonuses that have not been mentioned until today that are available!

As a reminder about my Bonuses, here is a qiuck recap (get the full details through the link above)

1) Marshall Sylver Package

2) $100 gift card or donation to the charity of your choice in your name

3) 1 year GVO Conference subscription

4) Why We Want You to be Rich, by Donal Trump and Robert Kiyosaki

5) Speedy Profit Creator DVD

So do not waste as the bonuses will not be around forever, nor will Millionaire Secrets Revealed!

Millionaire Secrets Revealed Bonus

by mentor on March 22nd, 2011

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Secrets Revealed Bonus:

In order to have a chance to get the bonuses…You must first sign up and see James video series which was released on march 9, 2011. Come see the first video here about the Lies of money!

Wealth Upgrade Club

Wealth Upgrade Club

As a pre launch bonus for watching the videos (email confirmation needed) I will throw in a free membership for you to “Wealth Upgrade Club” which will also help you become more educated in regards to wealth of course and improved finances.

For those of you wise enough to take that guaranteed risk and invest in not only the Millionaire Secrets Revealed program by James Malinchak, but also yourself, congratulations. I bow to you for your efforts and “DOING” what is good for your future.

It might not be your future tomorrow or next week, but when you continue to follow the plans provided and make even small changes, you will see results continue to blossom over time.

As an incentive to heading over to the Millionaire Secrets Revealed through our website and purchasing through our affiliate link, we will make a commission (FTC mumbo-jumbo that you are all aware of!) and we are greatful for this opportunity. As a little incentive of course (I would be a fool to not try to get you here) I have some killer bonuses that will compliment the course itself. Some announced and some will be unnannounced that I will throw in later.

Now I do have to let you know there will be a set time where you will have to keep your program and I am verified my payment before some of the bonuses are released and that is to protect my account. I am not looking for someone to buy, get their bonuses and then ask James Malinchak for a refund….This leaves me broke which does not make my wife happy.

So without further ado…Here is the preview list (to be updated as we get closer to the big day of March 22, 2011 when Millionaire Secrets Revealed is released to the public)

Bonus #1: Your choice of one (1) of the following set by Marshall Sylver that I will personally pay for and send to you!
a) Passion, Profit and Power (6 CDS, workbook etc.)

Passion Profit Power

Marshall Sylver's Passion Profit Power

b) What would a millionaire do? (6 CD set etc)
Both of these are valued at $299 as per Marshall Sylver’s website

What Would a Millionaire do?

What Would a Millionaire do?

Bonus #2: Your choice of money!

a) You can get this sent to you as a $100 gift card to your favorite store including but not limited to WalMart, Target, iTunes, Sunoco and many others.

Gift Card of your choice when you purchase Millionaire Secrets Mentor

Gift Card of your choice when you purchase Millionaire Secrets Mentor

b) or I can give a donation in your name for $100 to the charity or foundation of your choice. I will mail them a letter with a check asking the donation be placed in your name!

Thank You for your Donation to your favorite charity

Thank You for your Donation to your favorite charity

Bonus #3: a one year subscription to GVO Conference. This is a software that allows you to host webinars, chat online with audio, video and text chat, desktop share, have whiteboard sessions and much more. It is almost like SKYPE on steroids. This is a value of over $100 and I will pick up the bill for this so you can use it in your business or use it to stay in touch with loved ones and friends!
GVO Conference


Bonus#4: A copy of “Why we want you to be rich” by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki. I am currently reading this book and it is opening my eyes to why the men on top want those in the middle and lower ends to be up with them as well. They are teachers at heart and all you need to do is watch the Apprentice to know that!

Why We Want You To Be Rich

Why We Want You To Be Rich, by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki.

Bonus #5: Speedy Profit Creator: This is a physical DVD I will ship to your door that walks you through how to set up your own websites and get on the road to making money online.

Speedy Profit Creator

Speedy Profit Creator

Most likely you will not find these bonuses anywhere else online. You really need to take a second look and see what you will get from James as well as what you will receive from me in actual physical products are definitely worthy of an over delivery on our parts.

Invest away and be ready to start masterminding with the other smart individuals who took the right choice.

ABC Secret Millionaire Red Carpet with Robin Leach

This Sunday, March 20, 2011 Robin Leach is coming back. No it is not “lifestyles of the rich and famous” but instead ABC’s new hit reality show Secret Millionaire.

Come join me at James Malinchak’s Red Carpet Party Online on Sunday!

James Malinchak is the featured “secret millionaire” on this Sunday’s episode and James is hosting a red carpet party with Robin Leach at his home before, during and after his epidose aires!

James will be giving tips and educational information in regards to his success, that you can incorporate into your lives as well as giving prizes away for those attending the online show.

Many people have been watching his first two videos relating to
1) 3 Lies of Money
2) 3 Marketing Strategies

James also set up a facebook comment application with these videos and the community that is developing is getting bigger by the minute.  They have recorded over 20,000 views and thousands of comments and Facebook “Likes” since the series started on March 9th. 

The knowledge shared between James Malinchak and his followers has been found to be priceless.  Where some people are sending short messages of genuine thanks, others are helping people out and providing solutions to their problems.

I have been on the later side, trying to reach out to others and provide solutions and suggestions that will help them become successful.  Going on the theme of the Secret Millionaire show, the ability to reach out and help others (in many ways) makes a difference in that person.  I know in the future this will come back to benefit me in the long run.

As they say that it is better to give than to receive, sometimes giving leads to receiving and being able to grow my business as well.  My time will come for sure and in the meantime I am doing everything I can to help as many people as possible.

So come join me and James Malinchak on Sunday for the Red Carpet Secret Millionaire Party!

See you there and good luck in the prize giveaway!

Pizza Shop Marketing with James Malinchack

James Malinchak’s new video on 3 Marketing Strategies was great yesterday. This is the new video of his 3 video series that precludes the release of his new program (image below)

James Malinchak's Millionaire Secrets Revealed

James Malinchak's Millionaire Secrets Revealed

James gives some great advice that I will be applying soon as I continue efforts with a Pizza shop I have been taking to.  James comes out and talks about not being in the Pizza business.  Even if you own the Pizza shop, you are not in the Pizza business.

Instead, you are in the business of marketing your Pizza services.  It amazes me how I can order or go into pick up a pizza and I am never asked for my contact information/email address.  Talk about a waste of chances here.

Instead they spend thousands of dollars to put their coupons into the clipper magazines and most recently, I have seen some new Billboards pop up with a local shop.  These cost a pretty penny as well.  With the changes in technology over the last few years, it is amazing how many businesses do not even have a website yet and could be the reason why they are not capturing emails…though all you really need is a Facebook account and an autoresponder (you can go bigger as well, so feel free to leave a comment if you want some good suggestions on services)

The fact that they are losing out on being able to send me direct special offers, means they are losing money or as they say, leaving money on the table.

Now this is bad for them, but good for me.  As has also been said, the best way to get rich is to solve a problem….Looks them the Pizza shops have a problem and I have the solution.  They might not have the background or time to set up a site, or get involved in an autoresponder series.  I can provide a service here, as I am not in the Pizza business either, but I am in the business of providing online marketing services.

James Malinchak has two other great marketing strategies you can see in his new video here ==> 3 Marketing Strategies

Please leave a comment below and I will email you a special link with some great bonuses just for checking out the site and James Video!

Pizza shops, bowel movements and 8 balls

Whoa there!

So what do Pizza shops, bowel movements and 8 balls have to do with marketing and success in your business?  James Malinchak released his 2nd video (of the 3 part series yesterday) and he has left us wuth some marketing jems that you should remember just based on the ideas presented with them

Go See 3 Marketing Strategies here now!

You will have the gears turning in your head with what you can be doing in your business to improve your success, keep your customers as VIP’s and determine what you need to do to make that first million in sales.

Go See James Malinchak speak about 3 Marketing Strategies here now!

James Malinchak will be featured in this coming Sunday’s Secret Millionaire on ABC at 8 pm EST

Facebook video is racking up views-likes-comments

If you understand the viral nature of facebook, you will easily understand how one video can have over 600 comments and 1200 likes in just over a day.

James Malinchak has released a video about the 3 lies of money and it is building up a long list of facebook likes, comments and views.

If anything what James Malinchak is doing besides getting people in the right mindframe to improve their financial wealth is to light the fire under many people who have started to develop a great community of like minded inviduals. 

Commenters throughout are friending each other on Facebook and starting other side conversations and potentially even starting new business ventures together.  Where some thought they could never achieve success, James Malinchak’s 3 lies of money have fueled the desire of hundreds of people.  People who may have been told they could never do it.  People who perhaps thought they could not succeed with what they had in front of them.  People who never thought they could get to the point where James Malinchak is today.

To see for yourself what James Malinchak’s 3 lies of money is all about go HERE!!!

Just for checking out the video I will throw you a bonus for your time.  I will send you backdoor access to the Wealth Upgrade Club, which will also help educate yourself into achieving financial success.

3 lies about money by James Malinchak

Yesterday, March 9, 2011, James Malinchak released his new 3 video series on money. His first video talks about the 3 lies of money

See the first video for yourself here and try to win an Apple iPad 2

You will see by the video (you will need to enter your email to access, and will get instant notice when his next videos in the series are released) that James Malinchak is full of energy and drive…and I am not just talking about his basketball court.

James talks about the 3 lies of money in this video that have been around and have kept people from attempting to be successfull for year.

1) Money is bad

2) …

3) …

You will have to go see the video’s yourself for more information and a chance to win an apple iPod2 when you leave a comment (at the video site, not my site below!)

As of last night after the first 9 hours or so, there were well over 600 “likes” on facebook and over 300 comments using the connected facebook software.  Talk about social proof!  To have this many people watch the videos and comment, is great.  I would imagine that the number of people watching was even greater of course (as not everyone has a facebook account…yes, believe it or not!)

So if you want to see why “Money is bad” is a lie and find out the two other lies of money, come check out James Malinchak’s 3 lies of Money now!  They may be taken down shortly as he plans on releasing video #2 on Monday March 14th at 12 p.m. EST

As an added incentive for watching the videos, I will give you backdoor access to the Wealth Upgrade Club which has a real world value of $27.00.  Again, I will need to confirm your email with James’ group.

Leave a comment below about the videos with the same email you used for James video’s and this will expedite the process!

PS-Don’t hate James Malinchak because he is wealthy, thank him for doing his best to share is knowledge with you so you can improve your chances for success as well.

Millionaire Secrets Mentor James Malinchak video 1-money lies

Well here you go, the moment you have been waiting for. James Malinchak just released video number one in the three video series that accompanies his Millionaire secrets revealed course.

Go See Video #1 RIGHT HERE!

Be sure to sign up so you stay abreast of additional videos, tips etc.

Come back and be sure to leave a comment on what you thought of the video and James Malinchak’s energy level.

Go See Video #1 RIGHT HERE!

Mini-Bonus for just watching the videos: (email confirmation requried)

As an added incentive for signing up and watching the videos (heck I do not even want you to buy anything at this point!) I want to give you a bonus of a subscription to the Wealth Upgrade Club. This $27 club will be yours at no cost as I will give you backdoor access just for checking out James Malinchak’s new video today. Be sure to tell your friends so they can get the Wealth Upgrade Club access as well.

Millioniare Secrets Mentor three lies about money by James Malinchack

So I just finished watching James Malinchak’s new video about “Three common lies about money that keep you working!” As I am working with James and his team, he allowed me a sneak-peak at the video that will be released in just under 14 hours, at 12PM EST on Wednesday March 9, 2011.

After this time, you can see the video by=====> clicking here to access Video #1 (link will be live around noon on 3/9/11)

Without keeping all the suspense up, his lies deal with the issue of money being bad, working hard to be successful and changing who you are to be successful…..Yes, these three are all lies and not needed in order to achieve success.

So head on over right now to get your first look at what James Malinchak is all about. A word of forewarning…James is a crazy guy with a lot of energy as you will see=====> clicking here to access Video #1 (link will be live around noon on 3/9/11)

When you sign up you will gain access to the other videos as well, which will be made available according to their release schedule and should have links emailed on the respective dates.

James Malinchak is releasing these videos as a precursor to his new “Millioniare Secrets Revealed” course he is promoting which will be live as of March 22, 2011. As mentioned in the video, he is featured in the 3rd episode of the new ABC reality show The Secret Millionaire.

Millionaire Secrets Mentor Revealed video

James Malinchack Millionaire Secrets Revealed

James Malinchack Millionaire Secrets Revealed

I just got an email from James Malinchak, who is featured on the March 20, 2011 episode of the new ABC reality series Secret Millioniare.  He let me know that the new video he is releasing will be avialable at noon on Wednesday March 9, 2011. 

Here is your special link to get the video

I will be previewing this video later today as he has released a special link for his partners only, and will be giving you a slight overview as well.  Once you link through and sign up for his videos, you will automatically get the successive videos in his series as well.

As James Malinchak goes through a neighborhood looking for orgnaizations worthy of a generous donation, he will also be working to help you get the the place he is today.  Making in a difference is one of his major ideas in becoming successful.  If you can help others it will come back many times over towards achieving success.